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Our primary aim is to help keep both the working and public environments of our shared World safe, through the legitimate and ethical use of advances in AI in conjunction with existing surveillance technologies.

Computer Vision Safety Solutions

Company Information

Founded in 2019, FaiceTech is a UK technology start-up based in Manchester.

A privately funded company that deploys facial identity technology as part of the computer vision safety solutions offered to private companies and public organisations. Most commonly used to accurately highlight individuals that are identified of known interest to those clients.

FaiceTech has created a unique facial identity technology that helps to legitimately keep people safe.

An individual’s facial matrix is more unique than a fingerprint. FaiceTech’s software is not only more accurate than fingerprint technology, it’s also faster, taking just nanoseconds to identify an individual’s facial matrix. By using AI-enhanced facial matrix technology, we can generate an entirely unique, but anonymised, facial identity for every individual in a field of vision that is completely in line with GDPR legislation. The application of such near real time technology enables companies to match facial identities with their own lawfully retained data to verify a subject’s identity, enabling their access to events or restricted areas, or identifying them as a known perpetrator of violence, abusive behaviour, and/or theft.

UK GDPR Compliant

Move Forward With Confidence

We fully respect the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are happy to discuss all our policies and processes.

Frequently asked questions

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Do you operate a shared database of offenders or flagged individuals?
No. We do not facilitate sharing of data between any of our clients and we do not operate nor permit any central watch lists.
Do you do any profiling of people or faces?

No. We only work with partners and clients that agree to our code of ethics.

The avoidance of harm is a crucial element in our business. Harm, in this sense refers to a negative impact on privacy, dignity and human rights. We regularly review the application of our services to ensure they can not be used in any way which causes harm to individuals.

FaiceTech adopts the OECD AI Values-based Principles

Do you do provide CCTV cameras?

No. However, having evaluated a huge range of suppliers, we strongly recommend NDAA Compliant cameras.

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